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October 5, 2016

So we always love to hear back from some of our happy customers, we love even better when they offer to write a blog post about their experiences aboard The Equinox. Here is one such blog:


From Deb Newman


John, I wanted to write your first blog entry because of the amazing time I had for my birthday! My husband decided to surprise me on my birthday with a visit to North Haven Island with a scenic evening boat ride across the Penobscot Bay and dinner at Nebo Lodge. His usual birthday gifts of the past, included a vacuum cleaner, yes I said vacuum cleaner so this present was an unexpected treat.


My husband Rob said, pack up honey we are going for a drive today.  So I packed up my daughter and off we drove to Rockland and to Landings Marina. I had never been there so I was excited to look at the boats, and my daughter was also fascinated. I followed my husband to The Equinox and he turned to me and said, "Get in Honey!" What, seriously.


So after being greeted by Captain John Morin, I was told that my birthday present was a dinner cruise and it was so truly amazing. From the boat ride, to the island, to dinner and then a bit of exploring, it was a wonderful time I will never forget.  I would like to share below with you some photos of our trip.

 Amazing isn't it. The weather was overcast but to me it was so beautiful! The food at Nebo is outstanding I can't say any more positive comments because it was 100 percent perfect.

check out their site so you can see for yourself, click here.


So I guess the reason why I really wanted to write this blog is to thank Captain John Morin for helping me create memories with my family. My husband passed away one year after but the memory of my amazing birthday with him and my daughter will always be in my heart.


I would encourage everyone who reads this blog, to plan an adventure on The Equinox with Captain Morin because memories are always with us. Check out The Equinox's website at:


From The Newman Family


From Captain Morin,

Thank you for this post and your family photos of this special day! I am humbled and honored to have been a part of it.




Enjoy a visit to North Haven Island with a scenic evening boat ride across Penobscot Bay and dinner at Nebo Lodge all in one night.

Captain John Morin leaves Rockland at 4:00p.m. and arrives on North Haven before 5:00p.m. After dinner, you may have time to take a casual walk through town or enjoy drinks on our deck. The Equinox will arrive back to Rockland by 9:00p.m. after a sunset, starlit, or moonlit trip across the bay.

Equinox round-trip is $25 per person. Reservations are required.


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